Taking you from an idea to holding your book.

If the idea of writing a book one day keeps returning to you month after month, year after year, you owe it to yourself to answer the call. Your desire to write won't leave you. Jump in. We can help you realize the dream of seeing your name on the spine of a book by keeping you motivated through to writing "The End." All the while, you are free to pursue your career without having to manage a publishing project.
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Our mission is to give you a voice, launch your author career, and create your legacy.

Big Sky Author Services is a team of coaches, ghostwriters, editors, and publishing project managers who have decades of industry knowledge lead by award-winning, bestselling author and certified writing coach Tammy Plunkett. Our team aims to help make your journey to becoming a published author as easy and cost efficient as possible. We help you write, publish and promote your book. Most importantly, we take a stand for your books impacting the lives of your readers and help you produce the highest quality of work that will reach as many people as possible.

"Without Tammy's wisdom, support, encouragement and knowledge, I don’t believe I would have written my book, which truly became a reflection of my heart and soul. Tammy provided the structure, accountability, and framework that enabled me to break the process down into manageable pieces. Perhaps her greatest gift is being able to kindly acknowledge and silence the inner critic that often keeps us stuck and fearful of getting our message out into the world. Tammy has assembled a skilled and knowledgeable team to guide the entire process from conception through to publication and beyond. I’m grateful for Tammy and her entire team. Without them, I wouldn’t have fulfilled a life-long dream. "Bev Janisch | www.thecompassionatemind.ca