We take you from an idea to holding your book

Writing Coaching

Need help to flesh out your idea into a clear, easy-to-follow plan from which you can write your manuscript? Coaching will help you get past those hurdles of never finding time to write, self-editing paralysis, questioning your ability to sell a book, and if it needs to be a priority in your life.


Make no mistake, you will be judged on what you put out in the world. Have your projects professionally edited and let the content garner the respect it deserves. No project is too big or too small for our team of editors—copy, developmental and proofreading.

Build a Platform

We are obsessive about making sure that your book will be read. And for people to want to read your book they need to know that it exists. Therefore, simultaneously as you write your book, you need to create buzz and a following who will anticipate its release. Ask for our marketing and web development help.

Project Management

You are a busy professional, an entrepreneur, an expert in your field. You don’t have time to master the book industry. This is when you hire us to do the back-end work of self-publishing. We manage your timeline and subcontractors for one book projects to a multi-author anthology.

“I knew Tammy Plunkett would be the perfect writing coach for me. I wanted someone who would stretch me and hold me accountable, but also someone with whom I would genuinely enjoy working. Tammy is that person. I had a basic idea of what I wanted to say in a book, but it was Tammy who breathed life into the process by providing structure, lending support, asking the tough questions, empathizing through the challenges, helping me to get unstuck, sharing valuable strategies, and keeping me on track. Her style is firm sprinkled with humor and a heavy dose of caring and support – exactly what a procrastinator needs! Tammy did more than coach and guide me through the writing process. She inspired me to see what I could not always see on my own.Theresa M. Robinson | www.mastertrainertmr.com

Our mission is to give you a voice, launch your author career, and create your legacy.

Big Sky Author Services is a team of writers and editors who have decades of industry knowledge lead by award-winning, bestselling author and certified writing coach Tammy Plunkett. Our team aims to help make your journey to becoming a published author as easy and cost efficient as possible. We help you write, edit, publish and promote your book. Most importantly, we take a stand for your books impacting the lives of your readers and help you produce the highest quality of work that will reach as many people as possible.