10 Books I Want to Read

One of the most frequent requirements of my job as a writing coach is going to battle with my client’s inner critic and champion their authentic self to dare to speak (and write) their truth in service of others. It is not an easy task. Fear and self-doubt can creep into a writer and paralyze their creativity at any moment, and no one writer is immune to this phenomenon. But, I must say, I’m damn good at overcoming resistance!

Ironically, that same fear and paralyzing self-doubt plagues me when it’s time to approach the many women I am inspired by every day. You see, I have the distinct honor of witnessing stories of triumph as the co-director of Women Talk Calgary as well as the many stories I hear from women every day as I network and use social media. There are specific women whom I know can have a huge impact on the world by writing a book, and then possibly offering their wisdom through workshops, talks, and programs. But, just as I won’t let their inner critic stop my writers, my business coach won’t let mine stop me from stepping into my area of greatness. Lisa Larter, my coach, issued a challenge to me: “write a blog calling out 10 women that you want to work with and help write their book”. Yikes!

I am pulling up my big girl panties and braving the wilderness with this list of 10 women that I would love to work with because the world needs their message.

  1. Catherine Hull is on a mission to get women to put their self-care back at the top of their priority list, and she does so with beauty and grace. I admire her greatly because her mission was my mission many moons ago and she is succeeding to convince women to invest in themselves to be of better service to others. Our world and its overworked, overwhelmed female population need her message.
  2. Vanisha Breault recently gave a fire filled inspirational talk about her journey through her own alcoholism and her daughter’s addiction. She reminds me of Glennon Doyle and has a passion that would translate well into the written word. Sharing her message would be of service to so many of us that are secretly dealing with issues that could be overcome much easier with openness and community.
  3. Pierrette Raymond has already published a few books, but I would love to work with her on the project of her heart. Her passion to lift others to their fullest potential knows no bounds. She is going to leave a massive imprint of loving kindness in this world and I would be honored to be part of her team that brings her work forward to the masses.
  4. Bonnie Earl is the embodiment of female energy. In today’s world where there is a rise in the need for female leadership, she is a true guide to owning our feminine presence. Her life story is captivating and is what has created her special brand of soft strength. It is a true delight to hear her speak and I long to read her book one day.
  5. Diane Consolino is an unabashed truth teller. Known as a powerhouse coach, she cuts through the extraneous fluff that surrounds our real problems and gets to the core of what needs to be addressed. I know that capturing her side-splitting, unique wisdom in the pages of a book will help many people find their way out of self-imposed blocks.
  6. Dixie Bennett has a deep message to share with women who are ready to step up and be leaders in their lives and their communities. It’s all about going within to have a bigger impact on the outer world. She already plays on an international stage, and it is time to capture her sage vision and highlight it in her own book to amplify her message.
  7. Helen House is a creative, playful, coaching genius. I admire her ability to dance with whatever life throws her way. I know she can write many books, and may already have a bunch of manuscripts on the go. Her kind of creative spirit will always produce something phenomenal. I look forward to the day that her energy and insight can be captured between the covers of a book.
  8. Robyn Ostlund is a woman I barely know and admire from afar, but intuitively I feel she has a story to share. I imagine it would be about becoming a widow at a young age and finding herself, her love of health and wellness, and success. She navigates the business world with kindness and grace and I would love to read the story behind how she does it all so well.
  9. Susan Hoy took my heart and soul into her hands the night I heard her share her story on the mic. She is gifted at bringing us into the story to the point where we are sitting with her besides a dumpster in the cold of winter twenty-five years ago. Her story of overcoming and relapsing and overcoming again is sure to inspire millions the day she publishes her book.
  10. Brigitte Lessard-Deyell is a phenom that I am blessed to witness brilliantly shine and positively impact our community. She and I share a passion for giving women a place to share their story and be seen and heard.  She is ready to take her message to a much larger scale and inspire women all over the world, I just need to get her to sit still long enough to write her own book.

And there are many more. I might have to make another list one day.

I am hoping that by creating this list I have called in each of their muses to spark that desire to write! I am also hoping that others who read this list see themselves in these women and take up the initiative to capture their brilliance in writing. Please know, if any of you need help along the way, I am here reach out! It would be my unique honor to help you make a difference in the world.