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How to Write Your First Book

Do you want to appear smart? Of course, you do! We all do! I hate looking dumb or searching for my words, especially when it comes to my area of expertise. Yet, I am always compassionate for others when they make a mistake.

We are much more understanding of others’ mistakes than we allow for ourselves.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brighton West for his series Coach Focused and we just happen to touch on the subject of writing a book to look smart in the video “How To Write Your First Book.”

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This was one of the best interviews I’ve done. Huge thank you to Brighton West! He teaches coaches and other entrepreneurs how to use video to increase their audience and establish themselves as experts in their field, pretty much the way I do with books. He is one smart cookie!

The main point we talked about: Knowing when it’s time to write a book to boost your business, and how to get started.

If you have always dreamed of seeing your name on the spine of a book, then this episode is for you!

In this YouTube interview, I go over reasons to write a book and reasons NOT to write a book and knowing when you’re ready. If you’ve been in business long enough to have amassed some expertise writing a book might be the EXACT thing you need to grow your business even more.

For those of you who are new to Big Sky Author Services, I am Tammy Plunkett the engine behind the whole enterprise. Around 14 years ago I left the nursing profession to stay home and raise my kids, but quickly got bored and returned to my first love of writing. Since then I have published my own first book and I am currently writing my memoir, and through Big Sky, I have helped other authors birth over 10 amazing books.

I’ve outlined a few of my FAVE times in this podcast:

2:41 minutes
Knowing when you’re ready to write. 

4:25 minutes
How do you build your audience to buy your book—online and in-person! 

6:35 minutes
The first steps to getting started writing your book—the magical Outline.  

 8:30 minutes
Brighton asks me if there are ever reasons NOT to write a book. Oh yeah, baby! 

9:51 minutes
I do also give you some great reasons TO write a book as well.

11:46 minutes 
We talk about authenticity and the rewards for daring to share a piece of who you truly are with the world.  

13:20 minutes 
I share of my personal bias and opinions (read disdain) on compilation books and Wham Bam Thank You Mam projects. 

How to Write Your First Book

I had the luxury of writing my first two romance novels and published my non-fiction book while I was a SAHM. Writing during nap times and then during half-day pre-k and kindergarten is very different than trying to run a full-time business enterprise. I hear you! That is exactly why I am in the business I am in right now. Entrepreneurs and professionals need to know what works and what doesn’t work, and they need to know fast.

You are a smart woman, you could spend hours learning how to do your own taxes, but isn’t that time better spent on using your brilliance in the world and hiring someone else to do something in half the time for a quarter of your billing time?

I know for sure that lady bosses can learn the ins and outs of writing a book and getting it published, but they also don’t have the luxury of time I once had as a SAHM.

My recommendations if you are contemplating writing a book:

  1. Make a commitment. Life is going to get in the way, kids get sick, we get sick and clients will have crises. You need to return to the WHY of writing your book to stay committed.
  2. Plan it into the schedule. Carve out a specific time into your calendar and DO NOT schedule anything else into your writing time.
  3. Outline your book. This decreases the amount of time you stare at a blank page.
  4. Review your expertise. Develop your unique ideas and intellectual property so that your book is not just a repetition of everything other people have said before. Use your personal stories to make old ideas your own.
  5. Read and write every day. You wouldn’t go six days without brushing your teeth and then brush them seven times on Sunday. Don’t abandon your book for long stretches so that you feel like you are starting fresh every time. Read, read and read some more to hone your craft.

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