Boosting Business with a Book

Boosting Business with a Book

Is it time for you to get some passive income into your business? Are you ready to stand out as the expert in your field? Even though I often say that anyone who is writing a book for publication becomes a business owner with a product to sell, this blog post is directed to the established business owner who wants to write a book to increase business. Books boost your bottom line! Watch the video on boosting business with a book!

Boosting Business with a Book

Here’s a rundown of the 4 benefits to your business when you write and publish a book.

Books Give You Clout.

Writing a book helps in several different ways. The first way it helps is it gives you clout and credibility because it shows that you have enough expertise to fill 200 pages of a book or 150 pages of a book. It shows that you’ve been around the block and that you have some intellectual property, some thought leadership, something that you are doing that’s different than everyone else and that you have enough of that information to fit into a book. Having author on your business card really makes you feel good about yourself (it makes me feel wonderful!), but it also gives you clout.

Books Get You on Stages.

Another place where having a book helps your business is if you also want to be a public speaker. Having a book gets you booked way faster on stages and on Podcasts. Again, it’s the clout thing. It also is a product to sell at the back of the room. I have spoken in places where they didn’t even read the back of the book, they didn’t know what the book was about, and they were super excited when they read my bio and learned what I was about. I was hired merely on the fact that I had written a book.

Boosting Business with a Book

Books are a Place to Seed a Program.

Something else that a business owner may want to do when they’re writing their book is seed a program that they are going to sell after they publish it. As an aside, this is where you may lean a little more on the self-publishing side of things because self-publishing happens faster, and you have more control over the cover design in terms of it being your brand colors and your brand fonts. It also allows you to slip into the book calls-to-action to sign up to an online program or yearly retreat in the mountains or whatever it is that you’re offering within your business.

Books Make Money Many Ways.

A lot of times business owners make money back exponentially faster through speaking, offering programs, and booking one-on-one clients or even higher-end clients because of the book then they do in terms of royalties, or return on investment from the physical product of selling a book. Yet, you do make money selling your book while you sleep with a proper marketing strategy and get to collect passive income. Win-Win.