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Book Sales Matter Too

Though I spend a lot of time on these blog posts focused on writing a good book and getting the book finished, the whole purpose of creating these masterpieces is so that someone (hopefully more than one someone) reads them. Book sales matter to make back your time, financial investments and to spread your message. Unless someone knows your book exists, how are they going to know to read it?

So, how do we make sure our books sell?


This is a term you will come across often in the world of writing and publishing a book, and for good reason. Having a strong author platform is as important as writing well and having a good idea. Unfortunately, many people get confused as to what a platform is and is not. A platform is built on your voice, your personality, your message, your expertise, your story, and your uniqueness. It is not merely having a Facebook Business Page with memes and inspirational quotes. Your platform positions you as a thought leader and is a place where you gather your following. Want a crash course on creating your platform? Join my free pop-up Facebook Group by clicking here. The group will start on November 1st and run for 7 days.


Gone are the days of publishers initiating huge marketing campaigns, and if you’re self-publishing, the onus is all on you. Best to build some marketing skills while you are building your platform. Learn how to do social media ads to direct future readers to your website and email list. You should also learn to do an email campaign to announce your book launch, and learn the cost of marketing and start planning your budget.


Now that you have positioned yourself as a thought leader and have attracted a following, you have to show up for them. They are waiting for your inspiration and wisdom. Deliver on your promise. Remember to consistently show up in the form of your blog posts or emails, share and give, and share some more. Develop a relationship with your reader. No one wants to be asked to go steady in January and never hear from you until November with a marriage proposal. Equally, your reader doesn’t want to say yes to a newsletter in January and hear nothing for a year and then be told to buy your book.

This is a very quick overview of a complex topic. I cover much more of this in my Emerging Authors eCourse that will be releasing in November. In the meantime, do consider joining my free pop-up Facebook Group, Creating an Author Platform, here.

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