Don’t Be Afraid of New Year’s Resolutions

By Kim Cheel

I think there are two camps regarding New Year’s resolutions: Camp 1 is all for it and make so many resolutions like going to the gym, or ditching sugar, or reading a certain number of books. Camp 2 looks down on resolutions (and sometimes those making them) saying they’re silly, they’re kitsch, and those making them are just going to fail. I’m sure you know people who get angry that their gym is busier in the first weeks of January.

Personally, I love the idea of January being a new leaf. But I also love that about July. And September. Maybe you cycle differently. Maybe you follow the lunar calendar and your new leaf is in February. Or maybe it’s completely random to everyone else, but to you it’s important. None of that is bad, or wrong. Maybe all you need is to reframe the word resolution to goal?

If you have a goal of writing a book this year, it goes a little beyond just writing it, because if anyone could just write a book, we all would . . . many times! First, we need to figure out our topic. Then we need to get an outline. Then we need to plan to write. How many hours a week? How many words a day? Is there research? Do you need an accountability buddy?

Looking at a resolution of writing a book in 2022 can be daunting, if that’s all you see. Don’t be afraid! Be informed! Be powerful! And break it down into what I like to call micro-resolutions. Or if we want to get rid of that R-word altogether, micro-goals.

Goal 1: Decide on a topic.

Goal 2: Outline.

Goal 3: Write.

With the writing goal, you can break that down even smaller. Do you do the Pomodoro Technique? Do you join a writing group with co-working calls and accountability?  Micro-goals make the macro goal so much more accessible and less scary.

Don’t be shamed for making a resolution (or goal). We are goal-oriented people. In the same vein, don’t be bullied into making sweeping declarations that don’t serve you. Resolutions and goals mean nothing if you’re not being served by the outcome. This is for you – no one else. And guess what? You can do it.