Support Local by Following the ABCs of Airdrie Reads

by Allissa Blondin

The past couple of years have been hard on all of us. With local businesses having to pivot at every turn, families and individuals adjusting to new work conditions, isolation and dealing with mental health issues caused by the pandemic, it has been a tough go for everyone. With lockdown restrictions and new regulations, we have seen a number of amazing local businesses close their doors, possibly forever. As local small businesses ourselves, this has weighed heavily on our hearts. At Big Sky Author Services and The Feathered Pen, we wondered what we could do to help small businesses recover. Then it hit us – we could use our Airdrie Reads contest platform to encourage the Support Local movement.

A: Awareness & Adventure

The Airdrie Reads contest has always been an advocate of supporting local, in that we encourage local Alberta authors to submit their books in order to share these written treasures with Airdronians. The contest is designed to promote these writing superstars and their work to create awareness within Airdrie and surrounding areas as well as encourage the adventure of reading a new book or two!

This year, we are looking to promote Airdrie businesses. We want to help Airdonians uncover these local treasures to create awareness of what services and products are offered locally, right here in Airdrie! We hope to encourage residents to go on an adventure, shop around the corner, and help these businesses keep their doors open.

If you are a local business and are interested in learning how you can participate in the Airdrie Reads Support Local movement, contact us today at

B: Battling Boredom

Spring is finally here – thank goodness! With restrictions lifted and the weather beginning to look up, we are going to come out of our hibernation holes and walk, hike, bike, and do all the things that come with spring and summer weather – yay!!!  But what about those lazy days where we just feel like hanging out at home, or what if we want to start reading in the morning, or include reading as part of our bedtime routines? Airdrie Reads has got the solution for battling boredom. We are going to narrow the submissions down to five finalists and then you will have the opportunity to get a super Shoplift Deal so you can read along with the Champions this summer!

While you are out and about, why not make a stop at a neighbourhood eatery or a shop and battle some boredom by buying local?

C: Creating Community Connection

Airdrie Reads is an opportunity for us all to connect with each other as a community as we read our way through these amazing local gems. We have created a Facebook page: Reads, for people to chat about the books they are reading, share their experiences, connect with one another in the community and so everyone can stay in the know! You can also connect with us on Insta @AirdrieReads. We can’t wait to connect with you so we can work together to Support Local!