Tammy Plunkett


Tammy Plunkett is a certified professional coach, an award-winning, best-selling, published author, and an entrepreneur. The written word is her life’s blood. Reading is her inhalation and writing is her exhalation. Tammy wrote fiction as a stay-at-home mom and wrote non-fiction while becoming a coach. Since starting her coaching practice, she had a burning passion to give women a voice, not surprisingly people mostly came to her for help with their writing. And Tammy loved every minute of it! Let’s take an idea, create a structure with that idea, write your book, and then get your book published. You are a thought leader, it’s time to create your legacy. For more about Tammy’s writing go to www.TammyPlunkett.com

Kim Cheel

Our Team

Kim Cheel is an award-winning playwright, an actor, and a published author. An avid reader, Kim knocked off 200 books in 2020. She loves to teach a range of classes from playwriting to creative writing to self-expression through drama. With an eye for detail for grammar and story structure, and a gift for kind yet constructive critique, she is ready to help guide you on your journey to authorship whether that is to merely explore the joys of writing or reaching the ultimate goal of completing your book for publication.