I receive inquiries every single day from people who want to write their book. Sadly, too many people who reach out to me with a really great book idea have not done the work that is required ahead of time.

They haven’t built the author platform that is necessary for their book to be successful.

The statistics have shown that the average non-fiction self-published author sells less than 250 copies of their book, and traditional publishers like Hay House are looking for authors to have a platform of at least 30,000 people on their email list.

There is a knowledge gap in the writing world and I want to guide emerging authors to navigate the back end of the publishing. Finish your book sooner. Write it well. Sell more copies. After all, we write books to have an impact on the world, don’t we?

Don't get caught with and nothing to show for it.

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The e-Course Content

  • Module 1 Let's Talk Business

    The biggest mistake people make is to not see that writing and selling books makes you a business owner. These are the book business basics you need to know.

  • Module 2 Creating a Platform

    Who is going to read your book and where do you find them? This is how you establish yourself as an expert in your field and create the following that publishers look for.

  • Module 3 Publishing 101

    Decide if you are going to traditionally publish your book with a literary agent or self-publish with a distribution partner. This matters before you write your book. Find out why.

  • Module 4 Know the Market

    What you need to know about the publishing industry as a whole and more specifically what the trends are in your genre. What is selling and what marketing works to create those sales.

  • Module 5 Writing a Good Book

    Let’s be honest, if you write an excellent book publishers will be interested and people will recommend it to their friends. Learn how to write well and get the book finished.

Emerging Authors e-Course

What you need to do before you write your book.

How it works…

The e-course is delivered to your email box once a week for you to study at your own pace. You will receive an introduction video, a written workbook, and audio recordings of each module and bonus interviews with industry experts. You will also be invited to join a Facebook group of your peers to ask questions and celebrate your successes.

How long it takes…

You can expect to spend around one hour a week going through the course work. But then you will be rolling up your sleeves and applying your learning, incorporating it into your workday routine, and consistently applying your new skills. 

What you can expect…

You can confidently walk away from this course with a better understanding of the publishing industry, the knowledge that you are on the right path with your book, and  what it takes to secure successful sales and a devoted following and readership.

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“Tammy expertly demystified the steps involved in building my business as a result of publishing my first book. Her support was not limited to scheduled coaching sessions; Tammy responded by email and calls on a priority basis. My work with Tammy has helped me to connect with potential clients and build my confidence as an author and a public speaker. Thanks to Tammy’s professional guidance, I feel like the sky’s the limit.Marie Maccagno | www.mariemaccagno.com