Broken Open

Maureen Towns

In Broken Open, parenting and family consultant Maureen Towns shares her journey through her teenage kids’ mental health and addiction issues to help parents find freedom in chaos. With this guide, you can empower your children to reclaim their lives without losing yourself in the process.

You’ll discover:

  • How to find the right therapy, treatment, and facility your teen needs for recovery.
  • Six steps to recognize and stop codependent parenting tendencies.
  • Why validation is the key to stronger relationships with your children.
  • Nine ways to develop compassionate boundaries that work for everyone.
  • How to manage anxiety with self-care strategies so you can parent with clarity.

Filled with rich true stories from a mother who fought to put her family on a sober path, Broken Open is your path back to calm.   available now|

Teaching Ambition

Tara Pickford

Big Sky Author Services has been absolutely critical in my success in the making writing my book. From planning sessions of getting the ideas from my head into a semblance of order, being a good steward of my hopes and fears, strategies to create chapters, to total revisioning once it started to take shape. Tammy Plunkett and her team helped take a dream of mine, turn it into a big audacious goal with tangible targets to check off along the way, and then helped me achieve it by ushering me through the entire publishing process.  If you have ever been inclined to write a book, but the process is daunting, Tammy and Big Sky will help you make it a reality. I can’t say enough about how life-changing this experience has been.Tara Pickford |

In Teaching Ambition, Tara Pickford shares what she has learned from the trenches. Tara grew her performing arts franchise to three locations before she realized that it was too soon to scale up without the right systems in place. Drawing from 25 years of experience, from watching staff take her clients to another studio to getting hit by the figurative bus in her personal life, she offers valuable guidance.

Clinical Trial

Tammy Plunkett

Dr. Georgia Laurence’s patient is going to die without an immediate heart transplant, and a rare blood type makes a donor nearly impossible. There’s a sliver of hope when she learns about a clinical trial right at her hospital. The only problem is the stem cell researcher is Dr. Matt Mancini, a man from her past who has absolutely no reason to help her.

Matt could soon be sharing the cure for heart disease with the world and can’t risk using such a sick patient as his first human candidate. While his attraction to Georgia tempts him to reconsider, the stem cells are stolen and his career is jeopardized.

Georgia and Matt must work together to save his study before her patient dies. As they get closer to the truth, they find the thief will stop at nothing, not even murder, and they’ll have to decide what matters most: her patient, his study… or their lives.

Available Now |


Dr. Anna Garrett

I credit hiring Tammy as THE one step I took that helped me finally bring my book into the world. I appreciated that her service was a one-stop shop and I didn’t have to learn the intricacies of publishing to self-publish my book. Tammy gently but firmly kept me moving forward. She gave me positive feedback and made helpful suggestions as I moved through the writing process. What I most appreciated was that I could spend my time writing, knowing that she had all the other pieces of publishing covered! Dr. Anna Garrett |

“Perimenopause? What?! I’m way too young!” Dr. Anna offers realistic, holistic solutions for diet challenges, sleep, stress reduction, supplements and more in her savvy sister’s guide. Perimenopause is a revolutionary book focused on giving you the tools to navigate this transition with grace and ease, so you can rock your mojo through midlife and beyond!

Own Your Sh!t

Tim Richardson

“Without Tammy’s wisdom, support, encouragement and knowledge, I don’t believe I would have published my book”  Tim Richardson |

From the hand-me-downs of small town poverty to designer Italian suits, Tim Richardson looked like he had achieved the rags to riches dream—at least on the outside. But when a wake-up call from his beloved wife forced him to re-examine his life, Tim knew it was time for him to finally own his sh!t.

Within these raw and vulnerable pages, Tim shares with you the story of the personal journey he made to shed seventy pounds, drop his self-destructive habits, and save his marriage and family. By remembering the morals his parents and grandfather instilled in him and pulling from the wisdom of his mentors, Tim created 15 Rules for Owning Your Sh!t that reflect his Four Foundations of living a truly successful life.

The Chocolate Pilgrim

Marie Maccagno

“Tammy expertly demystified the steps involved in building my business as a result of publishing my first book. Her support was not limited to scheduled coaching sessions; Tammy responded by email and calls on a priority basis.  My work with Tammy has helped me to connect with potential clients and build my confidence as an author and a public speaker.  Thanks to Tammy’s professional guidance, I feel like sky’s the limit.” Marie Maccagno |

Marie Maccagno is passionate about walking, the great outdoors, and chocolate. In the spring of 2009, she made a commitment to walk 800 kilometers through Spain in the hopes she could eat all the chocolate she could find. What she didn’t expect to find was herself.

Awakening A Woman’s Soul

Bev Janisch

Without Tammy’s wisdom, support, encouragement and knowledge, I don’t believe I would have written my book, which truly became a reflection of my heart and soul. Tammy provided the structure, accountability, and framework that enabled me to break the process down into manageable pieces. Perhaps her greatest gift is being able to kindly acknowledge and silence the inner critic that often keeps us stuck and fearful of getting our message out into the world. Tammy has assembled a skilled and knowledgeable team to guide the entire process from conception through to publication and beyond. I’m grateful for Tammy and her entire team. Without them, I wouldn’t have fulfilled a life-long dream.Bev Janish |

Protect Your Purse

Doris Belland

“When I first completed my manuscript, I knew that my manuscript needed something more but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I trusted Tammy to get to the bottom of it. The results far exceeded my expectations. As soon as I saw her comments, I knew she was absolutely right! That was the missing piece! My book is so much better thanks to Tammy’s astute observations and suggestions. She has a gift for boiling down an author’s message to its essential components, and she is a wealth of knowledge about the book industry as a whole. If you’re thinking of becoming an author, hire Tammy. You’ll be glad you did.”Doris Belland, Author of Protect You Purse |

Owning It

Erin Bouchard

“With humour and honesty, owner Erin Bouchard shares her journey of opening her bridal business. Through crisis’ and hard-learned bridal business lessons, she found herself faced with the decision, am I going to stay knocked down or am I going to continue to fight? No matter what stage you are in your bridal business, you’ll connect with the stories found inside. You’ll feel refreshed and hopeful knowing that other store owners have wrestled with the same issues that you are. Not only does Bouchard share the experiences she has faced in her business, she also shares the financial lessons she has learned along the way.”Erin Bouchard |

The O-Syndrome

Theresa M. Robinson

“I knew Tammy Plunkett would be the perfect writing coach for me when we had our initial call in June 2016. Her passion rang out loud and clear. Plus, I instinctively knew that she would not be a “book boss” but a true partner with me on my journey. I am a recovering procrastinator and knew that I wanted someone who would stretch me and hold me accountable, but also someone with whom I would genuinely enjoy working.  Tammy is that person. I had a basic idea of what I wanted to say in a book, but it was Tammy who breathed life into the process by providing structure, lending support, asking the tough questions, empathizing through the challenges, helping me to get unstuck, sharing valuable strategies, and keeping me on track. Her style is firm sprinkled with humor and a heavy dose of caring and support – exactly what a procrastinator needs! Tammy did more than coach and guide me through the writing process. She inspired me to see what I could not always see on my own.”Theresa M. Robinson |