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You’ve heard it repeated over and over—you need a book to be taken seriously and reach that next level in your business or career.

After you've done all that immense work of writing the book, your baby, the last thing you want to do is mess up the publishing process.

Yet, there are so many choices beyond traditional or independent publishing. There are options like finding a literary agent or wading through the checklists and price variations on self-publishing company sales pages.

Once you start searching for the best option, you also have to wade through the negative comments about no customer service when Artificial Intelligence is publishing your book—or deal with the sting of getting yet another rejection from an agent or a traditional publisher.

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The most prominent thought leaders are published authors. Yet, you’ve tried writing a book but don’t get ahead.

You might even have a first chapter that you’ve rewritten a thousand times. You have an idea of what you want to say. You want to make a difference in the world. But overwhelm and insecurity and uncertainty are getting in the way.

Writing the book is just one part of the equation. You then have to figure out how to publish your masterpiece and promote it in a market that launches over 1 million books a year.


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Services Offered for Self-Publishing

  • All forms of editing, including manuscript assessment, structural editing, and copy editing
  • Cover design
  • Formatting
  • Online and retail distribution in print, eBook, and audiobook
  • Marketing plans
  • And a project manager to oversee the entire production
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Are you looking for traditional publishing services instead?

We offer non-fiction book proposal writing. First, we conduct the research and write the proposal's first draft, to which you will provide personal input. Then, we craft the agent query letter—a vital piece of the process. Our services also include the contact information for five targeted agents representing your specific genre.

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Not sure which publishing option is best for you?

Download our Ready Set Publish assessment and guide here.

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Doris Belland

“My book is so much better thanks to Tammy’s astute observations and suggestions. She has a gift for boiling down an author’s message to its essential components, and she is a wealth of knowledge about the book industry as a whole. If you’re thinking of becoming an author, hire Tammy. You’ll be glad you did.”

Theresa M. Robinson

“I knew Tammy Plunkett would be the perfect writing coach for me. I wanted someone who would stretch me and hold me accountable, but also someone with whom I would genuinely enjoy working. Tammy is that person. I had a basic idea of what I wanted to say in a book, but it was Tammy who breathed life into the process by providing structure, lending support, asking the tough questions, empathizing through the challenges, helping me to get unstuck, sharing valuable strategies, and keeping me on track. Her style is firm sprinkled with humor and a heavy dose of caring and support – exactly what a procrastinator needs! Tammy did more than coach and guide me through the writing process. She inspired me to see what I could not always see on my own.”

Tim Richardson

“Without Tammy’s wisdom, support, encouragement and knowledge, I don’t believe I would have published my book”

Marie Maccagno

“Tammy expertly demystified the steps involved in building my business as a result of publishing my first book. Her support was not limited to scheduled coaching sessions; Tammy responded by email and calls on a priority basis. My work with Tammy has helped me to connect with potential clients and build my confidence as an author and a public speaker. Thanks to Tammy’s professional guidance, I feel like sky’s the limit.”

Adding a book to your business is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field and secure more speaking engagements.

Imagine if you could hold your book, see your name on the spine of a book in the bookstore, and introduce yourself as a published author.

Big Sky Author Services is a team of writing coaches and publishing experts who are authors and editors ourselves with over a decade of industry experience. We take a stand for your books impacting the lives of your readers and help you produce the highest quality of work that will reach as many people as possible.

When you work with Big Sky Author Services to publish your book, you receive a personalized proposal based on your unique business and literary needs.

Because your time and energy are valuable, we respect your intelligence and offer comprehensive services without upselling add-ons.

Because Big Sky Author Services is a boutique publishing assistance provider, you are never a number to us, and you have a constant connection to an attentive project manager.

If you have typed The End and are ready to hold your book in your hand, know you are not alone in this!