Writing Coaching

Ready to make that dream of being a published author a reality? Sharing your expertise is a great way to gain attention in your industry, attract more clients, and increase your bottom-line with an evergreen product to sell. You are a busy professional, an entrepreneur, an expert in your field. How can you add writing a book to your already full schedule? With the accountability and wise guidance of a seasoned writing coach. If you have ambitions to become a thought leader and culture shifter, ask us about how we can help launch your career to a whole new level.

Book Development Services

  • Unpack Your Big Book Idea
  • 90 Day Fast Track Writing Program
  • Ghostwriting
  • Emerging Authors eCourse
  • Manuscript Assessment
  • Writing Retreats

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Publishing Consulting

You’ve written your book. Now what? Let us guide you to the best option for your publishing goals. Whether you want to be traditionally published through an established publishing house or prefer the hands-on options of self-publishing, we can advise you on each step towards your goal.

Publishing Services

  • Copy Editing
  • Structural Editing
  • Proof Reading
  • Book Proposal Development
  • Self-Publishing Consultation
  • Cover Design Referrals
“When I first completed my manuscript, I knew that my manuscript needed something more but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I trusted Tammy to get to the bottom of it. The results far exceeded my expectations. As soon as I saw her comments, I knew she was absolutely right! That was the missing piece! My book is so much better thanks to Tammy’s astute observations and suggestions. She has a gift for boiling down an author’s message to its essential components, and she is a wealth of knowledge about the book industry as a whole. If you’re thinking of becoming an author, hire Tammy. You’ll be glad you did.”Doris Belland, Author of Protect You Purse | www.dorisbelland.com