Escape to the Mountains to Write

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You have a book inside of you.

You’ve been trying to write this book for two years (or more).
You might even have a first chapter that you’ve rewritten a thousand times.

You have an idea of what you want to say, you want to make a difference in the world but time, and resistance, and overwhelm, and insecurity, and uncertainty is getting in the way.

You own a business and your business pulls you in a million different directions and you rationalize avoiding your book because you’re working with paying customers, yet you know that your book is the very things that will bring you more paying customers.

You need a writing retreat.

You need to go away for a couple of days where you have no distractions and you have somebody to shepherd you on the process of first getting really clear on your book outline and starting you on the first step.

The first step is not writing your whole book in a weekend, the first step is writing your outline and your first two chapters. Once you have the outline you have the roadmap and you know exactly where to go. Once you’ve written the first two chapters you have found your voice and the flavor of the story.

Now you have me, Tammy Plunkett, the incessant writing coach to hold you accountable.

As a business owner, you do not miss deadlines, you do the work.
Are you ready? Are you ready to come write with me?
Let’s get this done.


Nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and away from high tourist traffic, you will be surrounded by the beautiful inspiration of nature.

The amenities offered

  • Luxurious rooms
  • Trails outside your door
  • Sauna, Gym, Pool, and Hot Tub


Get into the flow of uninterrupted creativity on the writing project of your choice while enjoying access to Tammy Plunkett’s expertise during daily workshops and gatherings.

Workshop Topics

  • Story Structure
  • Finishing a Book
  • Getting Published



Make this a whole weekend all about you and self-care. Allowing yourself the space and time to write is absolutely good for your health and wellbeing.

You Come First

  • Self-Care Swag Bag
  • Gym with sauna and indoor pool
  • Healing Mountain Air
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How the Weekend Will Unfold

You will be welcomed on Thursday evening with a wine reception where we will get familiarized with the environment and each other.

On Friday and Saturday mornings, we meet for breakfast in the main living room and Tammy kick’s off the day with a workshop. You are then off to write in your room, in one of the 5 living rooms, outside on the property, or from your balcony.

We meet back again for lunch and Q & A. In the afternoons, you are free to write and play in the mountains for the afternoon.  We come together again for dinner and to debrief on our day with new friends.

We meet on Sunday for breakfast and we have a closing ceremony after lunch.

Writing and Relaxing
  • Motivating, Inspiring, We all Have a Story

    I am grateful for the person Tammy is, the talent she brings to the world and the timing that this Writing Retreat came into my life. I have found my few days with her, and the other astonishing women who have shared the space with me, to be motivating, inspiring and dramatically reinforce my belief that all of us have a story to tell. My favourite quote Tammy shared was “if your book has the potential to impact only a single person, then you need to write it.” So, I say tell your story! If you feel lost, unsure of where to start, or lacking the spark I highly recommend checking out Big Sky Author Services and get your name in for the next Writing Retreat! –Kiersten Mohr

  • I now feel that I have a plan, one which includes accountability for my progress.

    Having just completed a 3-day Writer’s Retreat with Tammy Plunkett, I would unreservedly recommend it! I was hesitant at first about signing up, naively thinking that since I had read a great many books, I could just write on my own, no assistance needed until the editing stage. What an awakening I had as to how little I knew about the “how” of actually writing! I now feel that I have a plan, one which includes accountability for my progress. The credit for the plan goes to Tammy and Big Sky Author Services. Her workshops immediately honed in on the process without being overwhelming. The one-on-one time with Tammy was invaluable; the venue was perfect, with stunning scenery being the only “distraction”, and a welcome one when a break was required; the food was amazing; and the attendees were smart, sassy, and great to hang out with. It was a wonderful event and worth every penny. I highly recommend this retreat for any aspiring writer, whether you’re in the middle of your writing or just about to begin. –Carol Zahn

Daily Inspiration and Workshops

Enjoy the guidance from Tammy Plunkett, a seasoned professional writer, on topics such as outlining your content, enhancing your story structure, and using the retreat’s momentum to continue your writing habit. Designed for the experienced writer and someone just learning the craft, there will also be plenty of time to address questions about your specific project.


One of the best ways to keep writer’s block at bay is to have a detailed outline that also allows for creativity. Tammy will share her ninja planning process.

  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Tie it All Together
  • Create Your Outline


Story structure is all around us in books, songs, and even TV Commercials. Our savvy readers expect a certain depth and flow to the stories we share. 

  • Writing a Good Story
  • Writing a Good Book
  • How & Where to Start


Good intentions and lifelong dreams can still not be enough when life gets in the way. This great headstart can be maintained once you get home with Tammy’s help.

  • Finding the Time
  • Maintaining the Habit
  • Accountability that Works
Your investment includes one-hour of private consultation with Tammy, daily workshops, 3 nights' accommodation single occupancy, Thursday evening's wine reception, all meals on all days, and access to all the amenities.
Your Investment is $2,497
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You Deserve to Indulge

If writing a book is your calling it will never leave you. You can stay busy with life, a day job, family, but the desire to write will return. Always. When you least expect it. Give yourself permission to indulge in your passion for writing and your dream of leaving a legacy behind in the form of a book. Escape to the Mountains to write with Tammy. Secure your spot today. 

“I knew Tammy Plunkett would be the perfect writing coach for me. I wanted someone who would stretch me and hold me accountable, but also someone with whom I would genuinely enjoy working. Tammy is that person. I had a basic idea of what I wanted to say in a book, but it was Tammy who breathed life into the process by providing structure, lending support, asking the tough questions, empathizing through the challenges, helping me to get unstuck, sharing valuable strategies, and keeping me on track. Her style is firm sprinkled with humor and a heavy dose of caring and support – exactly what a procrastinator needs! Tammy did more than coach and guide me through the writing process. She inspired me to see what I could not always see on my own.Theresa M. Robinson |